Start a club

It's very easy to start a USBL club. We provide you with all the rules and materials you'll need. And when you report your results to us, we will keep track of club Masters points for you. The main three things you'll have to do are...

  1. Pick a location - There are lots of choices for places to hold a tournament. Bars and restaurants are the most common so that people can eat or get a drink before or during the tournament. But you may also consider a coffee shop or a library or community center. When you're looking for a place to play, talk to the manager. Ask what times work best for them and if they can help you promote the event. Its always more fun to play in a location where the management is excited to have you there.
  2. Pick a meeting time and frequency - Some clubs play on week nights after work and others play on weekends. Both seem to work for some people and not others, so neither is perfect. Since the director is the only one that needs to be there every time, you should pick the time that works best for you. Clubs meet anywhere from once a month to once a week. Again, pick a frequency that you will be able to maintain and enjoy.
  3. PROMOTE! - People won't be able to attend your club if they don't know about it. We will put your club information on the USBL Web site. That helps people find the club that are doing Internet searches looking for a club in your area. But for attracting the backgammon players who aren't already looking for a club, try some of the following:
    • Ask the venue that you play at if they will list your tournament in their events calendar or advertisements
    • Ask the venue that you play at if you can hang up flyers there
    • Submit the event to the calendar of all of your local newspapers - the free ones and the subscription ones
    • Submit the event to the calendar of any local community Web sites, like Craig's List
    • Post a "new club" announcement to the discussion boards of any online backgammon sites you play on
    • Hang flyers at coffee shops and game stores, anywhere you think backgammon players might see them

Here are a few more good tips on Please contact Kathleen Davis when you are ready or if you have any questions. We look forward to your new club starting soon!